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Collection, Stripped, Cleaned, Repaired, Reassembled, Tested, Returned. Downtime Avoided.

In this blog, we explain the process of our emergency repair service with this Nederman Fan Repair. Read the story of how we returned a customers fan units fully repaired, tested and warrantied over their Christmas shutdown period.

Each Nederman Combifab was stripped down, thoroughly cleaned, and painted on reassembly.

Nederman Combifab

Repaired As Good As, If Not Better Than New. Our Emergency Repair Service and on-site support.


We organise a collection for your industrial fan unit, whether it is by our in-house team or via a trusted courier, we safely and securely have the unit delivered to our factory.
We can organise a member of our on-site team to assist you with dismantling the Fan and getting it ready for collection.

In this case, we had an on-site team visit the customer, and oversee the process of removing the two Nederman Combifab units and preparing them for collection and delivery to the Kontrolmek workshop.

The Strip Down

When the industrial fan unit arrives at our workshop, we fully strip down to component level to determine any worn parts that can be replaced as part of the service. We also take this opportunity to thoroughly clean the parts that don’t need replacing, so they are ready for reassembly.

When the two fan units arrived at the Kontrolmek workshop, they were immediately stripped down, and any worn components were removed with new parts ordered (next day). Everything else was cleaned using our industrial parts washer or by hand.

Diagnosis & Quote

Our engineers will then diagnose any faulty parts, and the team will put together a quote for a full repair and refurbishment of the fan. This will then be sent to you and explained in full so you are 100% happy with the work to be carried out.

In this case, the nederman units were worn, in need of a deep clean and the fans themselves needed dynamically balancing.

The Repair Process

When you’ve given us the go ahead, our highly experienced team of mechanical engineers will begin the repair process on the fan unit. We take great pride in our work, and treat each repair as if it were our own part.

The faulty components in the fan units were replaced, and when the other parts were clean and dry, and the fans rebalanced, it was carefully reassembled, and fully painted to a professional standard in our spray booth.


Where possible, we test every repair with a real time scenario to ensure the repair has been successful. We’re so confident in our work, we warrant our repairs for 12 months from return.

Testing these Nederman Combifab units proved relatively straightforward. We used a 3 phase supply, and ensured the fan was running as if it was new, and to the standard required by the customer to operate on a day-to-day basis.


The fan unit will then be returned to you, usually by the same method it was collected, unless there is a faster option. We can again offer on-site support to those who need assistance reinstalling the fan unit.

The Nederman units were delivered to our workshop on the 21st December. We had the units fully refurbished, returned and refitted by the 30th December.

We replaced the Electric Motor on each fan unit with a newer model to boost the output performance.

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